Esteem Series by STEEL CRAFT

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Esteem Series Action Door Calgary

Steel-Craft’s Esteem Series of aluminum garage doors merges quality with modern design. Beloved by architects and designers looking to give homes a unique touch, our Esteem doors are highly customizable.

Esteem doors are available in a wide variety of colours. Feel free to create waves, radiate a warm glow, or simply let the sun shine in. Distinction is easy to achieve with this beautiful, modern garage door.

We seal our aluminum panels to increase energy efficiency, and our transparent panels are sealed to the frame with a glazing compound for air-tightness. Esteem doors open and close quietly and smoothly thanks to high-quality parts and a purpose-made counterbalance system. Our unnecessary warranty covers Esteem Series doors.

Standard Vision Lites Options
Choose from Tempered Glass, Polycarbonate or Insulated Aluminum Panel. All materials are sealed to the frame with glazing compound and held with rigid PVC mouldings.

Available in tempered single pane and tempered sealed units. Glass options include Clear, Satin Privacy (Frosted), Dark Tint Privacy, Bronze Reflective and Dark Tint Clear.



Dark Tint Privacy
Bronze Reflective
Dark Tint Clear

Thermoclear Polycarbonate
Available in triple wall 16mm. Colour options include Clear, Bronze, Blue and Green.

Clear Lexan
Bronze Lexan
Blue Lexan
Green Lexan

Standard Anodized Finish
Additional custom anodizing colours are available, please consult a Steel-Craft Dealer for details.

Note: The glazing material (Thermoclear®) used is ideal for humid environments, however it differs from glass in that it’s not sealed, therefore condensation may form in the cellular walls when interior/exterior temperatures are such that dew point temperatures are created (usually in periods of cooler weather). This condensation usually disappears when warmer weather returns.

Duranar Finish


Woodgrain Finish Colour Options
Highlight the classic feel of your home while benefitting from the durability of an aluminum garage door. These doors have a low-maintenance finish that requires no staining or painting and, unlike real wood, they will not warp, shrink, peel, or crack.

Cedar Woodgrain
Walnut Woodgrain

Powdercoat Options


Dark Brown
Sable Grey
Dark Bronze