Important Garage Door Safety Considerations

Your Calgary home’s garage door is likely the largest moving object on your property. While highly convenient and great for security purposes, automatic garage doors also pose a safety risk, especially to children. Garage doors are capable of causing minor to serious injuries.

The Calgary garage door repair and installation experts at Action Door Services Ltd. want to make sure that you know how to prevent any garage door-related accidents. You can keep your whole family safe by talking to your children about garage door safety and by looking out for signs that your garage door needs repair or replacement.

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Teaching Your Children About Garage Door Safety

It is crucial to talk to your children about the dos and don’ts of garage door safety. Perhaps the most important rule to instill in them from a very young age is that they should stay well away from the door when it is moving. You should also teach them that the garage door button and the remote control are not toys, and keep both well out of their reach.

Teach your children not to play around the garage door even when it is stationary, and to keep their fingers out of its tracks, joints, springs, and hinges. Follow the rules you give to your kids and you’ll not only be setting a good example for them, but you’ll help keep yourself safe from any accidents as well.

Signs That Your Garage Door May Need Repair or Replacement

A monthly visual inspection of your garage door can give you a heads up that it needs to be repaired or replaced. Check for signs of wear and tear or damage to your garage door’s rollers, pulleys, cables, springs, and other hardware, and listen for squeaky springs. Don’t attempt to make adjustments or repairs yourself. If something looks off, make sure you have it looked at by a Calgary garage door parts specialist.

It is also a good idea to take special note once in a while of how smoothly your door goes up and down. You may not know exactly what to look for when it comes to garage door hardware, but you’ll definitely notice a change in the way your door moves and operates. If something seems rickety or out of balance, then it’s time to have your garage door checked.

Professional Garage Door Repair and Installation in Calgary

Garage door repair in Calgary is not something that should be put off, nor is it something that the typical do-it-yourself should tackle on their own. Only a qualified professional has the know-how and experience to properly handle your garage door’s high-tension springs. They’ll also know exactly what to look for during routine maintenance checks.

You can count on Action Door Services Ltd. to make sure your Calgary home’s garage door is operating safety, and to provide quality repair services, garage door parts, and garage door installation options if it isn’t.

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