4600 Rubber Series Door | by SDI

The Ultimate in Durable Construction

The 4600 rubber series doors are constructed of SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber) reinforced material that is composed of two layers. Each layer is 1/8″ thick for a total thickness of 1/4″. This maintenance free material provides superior panel strength and durability, maintaining performance in a temperature range of -40 degrees F to +180 degrees F. The robust panel along with one-half inch thick windlocks keep the panel in place with wind pressure up to 88 mph. Heavy-duty structural steel guide tracks are low-profile, occupying only 4″ on each side of the door opening. The tracks contain a smooth windlock edge which eliminates the need for panel breakaway tabs, simplifying panel re-insertion if necessary.

Minimal Maintenance and Easy Repairability

If contacted, the wireless reversing edge immediately reverses the door, which reduces the chance of damage and promotes protection of personnel and goods. Upon impact, the shear bolts on the bottom angle shear allowing the bottom angle to release.